Corporate Profile


The Rising Stars Educational Initiative (RISE INITIATIVE) is a vibrant non-profit organization that is focused on helping children and pupils within the basic education category embrace learning as a tool for personal and indeed national development. RISE Initiative also seeks to act as a pressure group for curriculum development. 

The RISE initiative was birthed in 2016 by four passionate Nigerians who, having observed the dwindling passion of children in education, came together to brainstorm ideas on making education entertaining, appealing and rewarding.  Since registration and commencement, several passionate Nigerians have identified with the RISE initiative and are contributing in different capacities to ensure that the RISE vision is achieved.


Promoting qualitative education for the Nigerian child


To rejuvenate the interest of Nigerian children in education and academic activities through the use of several contemporary tools, academic rallies and rewarding educational competitions. The RISE Initiative seeks to reinforce the value of qualitative education while showcasing and rewarding demonstrated academic excellence through academic competitions conducted both locally and globally.

What problem has the RISE Initiative identified?

The RISE team has identified the disinterest of the average Nigerian youth towards academic pursuits. The team has attributed this disinterest to the quality of quality of graduates being produced by schools around the country and their dismal performance in the work place which directly impacts the growth and development of the nation. The RISE initiative seeks to utilize a “catch them young” approach to reignite the Nation’s interest in academics and revive school pride through healthy and rewarding competition.

What gap will the RISE Initiative be filling?

RISE will be filling the gap created by a dearth of motivating academic activities by creating competitions and programs that will entertain and educate Nigerian children and open them up to new experiences through trainings, workshops and travels thereby encouraging them to prioritize academic pursuits.

The RISE initiative intends to achieve her vision through the use of several methods stated below;

–       Promoting the use of the library (both electronic/virtual and actual)

–       Promoting healthy academic competition among children

–       Conduct and facilitate competitions that will educate and entertain, teach and trend

–       Introducing children to new activities such as competitive chess, billiards, etc

–       Promoting education through local and international excursions and exposure

–       Engaging youths in debates, quizzes, spelling bees, brain teasers and essay competitions

–       Rewarding winners and participants with valuable and motivating prizes

–       Raising awareness regarding the importance of education and how to end illiteracy

–       Employing social media to educate Nigerian children

To further achieve our vision, we actively engage in the following;

(a)  Promoting and preserving the study of Nigerian culture and history through creative competitions;

(b)  Contributing to the improvement of the academic standards in Nigeria through educative competitions;

(c)   Inspiring Nigerian students to adopt hard work, study and healthy competition;

(d)  Pursuing and ensuring the achievement of Millennium Development Goals related to education;

(e)  Facilitating library usage by Nigerian Children and Youths by collaborating with and equipping libraries with relevant books and electronic resources;

(f)   Promoting the establishment of and collaborating with book clubs and study groups nationwide in order to promote a reading culture.

(g)  Facilitating the award of scholarships to deserving Nigerian students

(h)  Promoting academic excellence through conventional and social media, educative toys, games, awards, prizes and the recognition of excellent Nigerian students and thus engineer social change

(i)    Organizing, holding, sponsoring and promoting seminars, lectures, interviews and television programs that achieve the objectives stated herein i.e. portray the importance of study and academic excellence and its relationship to sustainable development in Nigeria;

(j)    Liaising with the government and assisting relevant authorities with academic innovations and policies to improve the system, spearheading and lobbying for the formulation of education-friendly national policies, laws and regulations in Nigeria

(k)   Liaising with other organizations to bring tangible benefits such as trips and tours, excursions, internships and exchange programs to students and youths nationwide and internationally.

(l)    Monitoring Nigeria’s academic progress and maintaining a database of statistics and research outcomes and studies of academics in Nigeria.


As an organization, the following values are of importance to us as we emphasize on incorporating them in all our activities. They serve as our guiding principles and as such we at the RISE initiative proudly embrace and encourage the following:

–       Excellence

We strive for excellence in all that we do and insist on excellence as a benchmark for every activity and task.

–       Problem solving

At the RISE Initiative we do not avoid problems, rather we approach them with the desire and will to solve them.  Problem solving is crucial to us because we see the opportunity for growth and learning in every challenge we encounter and overcome.

–       Value for time

Time is an invaluable factor which when respected, harnessed and effectively managed, helps us achieve more. We believe in prioritizing and working in teams to achieve our objectives within set time limits.

–       Dedication

We believe that focus and dedication to what we do are key contributors to the successes we have recorded.

–       Integrity

We pride ourselves in our personal and professional integrity. We hold ourselves to incredibly high moral standards and this is evident in how we conduct business, select partners and deploy resources.